Art Center is the first contemporary sculpture-based with high academic demands art center in China. Its main function is to carry out collection for contemporary sculpture, research, file sorting, display and promotion, and aims to promote Chinese contemporary sculpture art and cutting-edge experimental development. The Art Center has academic depth by holding exhibitions, to promote academic exchange and research, to create an international exchange and display platform for contemporary sculpture art.

Zero Art Center is one of the earliest art centers established in 798 Art District. Its venues include exhibition halls, archives, visual platform, multi-media center, art store and some other areas, totally more than 1,000 square meters. Exhibition space is 7 meters high, the whole large area with open display platform to meet needs of exhibitions which include painting, sculpture, video, installation, performance art and cultural activities.


"Zero is uncertain number. To fill any number in front of it can change its structure, so we regard zero as a starting point, in the new venue, we start our work."                           

                                             -----Xiangqun Lee & MoWei Lee couple